What is Crowd Testing?

Crowd Testing is rapidly evolving as the most effective way to modernise interactive software production and enhance the quality of software and web products launched by developers. This process is accomplished by a crowd of quality assurance testers who delegates tasks accordingly in order to test an online platform.

20 June

Benefits of Crowd Testing

Our mission is to ensure that developers like you are delivering their projects on time and within their budget by testing their quality and providing appropriate feedback. With the flexible hours and the knowledge of the crowd testers, we know how to take care of you and your business. Our goal is to provide you the quality you deserve.

The advantages of crowd testing include having the flexibility to test any time or day. Given that our crowd testers work on various time zones, there is always one available. Crowd testing services are also available quickly and on short notice, which works effectively in a fast-moving environment. By working with a larger crowd of testers, it ensures that your product is tested in a real-world situation with a variety of hardware and software.


Why Crowd Test with ITWorks?

Our highly trained Crowd Testers cover a range of testing techniques that help you develop and perfect your product before going live to the market.

Deliverable Based Testing

Our experts thoroughly test the various test deliverables at every phase of fo the software development lifecycle, whether it is before the testing phase, during the testing phase or after the testing cycles is over.

  • Regression Testing
    This form of software testing either confirms or denies the software components' functionality after the system changes. The process of changing the software helps you find bugs that may have been introduced unintentionally.
  • Functional Testing
    Functional Testing provides a comprehensive check from head to toe to ensure the software works as intended from a user's perspective, without prior understanding of internal code functions.
  • Black Box Testing
    For this testing method, the testing is done by testers who are not aware of how the software has been put together. This helps identify incorrect or missing functions, as well as initialization and termination, behavior or performance, data structure or external database access, and interface errors.

Exploratory Testing

By eliminating structures or scripted testing, Exploratory Testing allows for a more holistic approach to test design, execution, and analysis. This method provides testers with the autonomy to pursue tests in areas that have potential for problems or areas that require further investigation.

As based on the testing results we help you create:

  • Plan based on the module
  • Execution Summary Report
  • Defect Summary Report
  • Test Closure and Feedback Report

Beta Testing

Beta testing helps you answer the most important question, does this software meet our customers' expectations and are we ready to ship it? We help you launch your products successfully in the market.


Usability Testing

With Usability Testing our developers are constantly conducting tests to see whether users feel comfortable while using your software or app. By ultimately focusing on the user experience this form of testing is solely dedicated to ensuring your software will be easy to use.


Market Survey Testing

Market Survey Testing uses surveys to evaluate consumer acceptance of a new product idea prior to the introduction of the product into the marketplace. We provide businesses with real-time data based on the feedback from 50-100 users along with dashboard analysis.