Apart from being experts in training IT aspirants into proficient IT professionals, we are also a team of specialists dedicated in conducting workshops and adding additional skills and experience to your resume.  This will ultimately assist you to standout in a crowd of ever growing IT newbies, and land multiple job opportunities.

During the hiring process, an executive spends an average of six seconds on your resume before they consider inviting you for an interview. Therefore, with years of experience in building the perfect resumes and profound knowledge about recruitment techniques, and understanding the pain and the setbacks it causes, our workshop is dedicated in building the foundation for your job search.

We do not believe in simply training our apprentices and hang them out to dry, but rather believe in making sure that your talents and skills are well heard so that you can make your way into the IT world with confidence.


Given the number of budding IT aspirants, job search for newbies can be very challenging. Knowing this painstaking process, our workshop tackles the following:

  • Our workshop assists you in understanding how to cater a perfect resume to underline your technical skills and accomplishments that cannot be done justice with only listing out your educational background and curricular activities.
  • Our mentors believe in one on one involvement with our trainees from the beginning. Our workshop helps you to cater a resume that highlights you with the unique and most sought-after technical skills you have to offer (in a pool talent) to your potential employers.
  • Recruitment executives today consider¬†your social media profiles as well. Our workshop helps you tailor your LinkedIn accounts to highlight your technical skills in a professional manner which goes a long way.