For an IT newbie, in addition to technical skills, a strong profile showcasing your talents to potential employers is equally important to gain your desired jobs and excel at them. At ITWorks101, we have carefully woven workshops like IT training, resume building, and interview prep to help our trainees build an excellent profile.

In a pool of new graduates, a strong profile highlighting technical, as well as managerial skills goes a long way to impress recruiters seeking extraordinary talent. We at ITWorks101, help you to build anĀ impressive resume that speaks of your technical skills as well as your talents to contribute towards increasing company productivity. We prepare you to go through the tough interview and succeed in interview rounds with confidence.


Our profile development program is crafted flexibly to build your portfolio for each of our trainees via one on one interaction with constant assessment of technical and managerial skills. Our continuous feedback and improvement programs help you to gradually build a strong profile. Our IT training workshops are built in-line with best industry practices on real-life projects to help you gain experience on how things work in the software development industry.

Thus, with these training, development, and profile building workshops, ITWorks101 helps you build anĀ appealing profile that speaks for itself and help you build daily work habits that are ideal for an IT professional which is heavily looked on by top recruiters.