Experienced with profound knowledge about IT interviews, we are a team of experts who know exactly what it takes to crack tough interviews tactfully. Along with our training and resume writing workshops, we also prepare you to ace the interviews.

A resume can land you an interview but succeeding in the interview is self-satisfactory on a higher level. With hundreds of interviews taken, the IT companies use strategic interview techniques and searches for keywords in order to filter out masses of newbies and finding suitable candidates.

At ITWorks101, training our intermediate professionals means training them to actually get hired into IT companies that matter. Job hunt, especially for newbies can be very scary and at times disappointing. Our interview preparation workshops are meant to make sure that job hunt is never unsatisfactory for our trainees.

Rigorous mock interviews

Our workshops conduct mock interviews to prepare you to understand and answer those tough questions.

What to wear

Dressing up is an integral part of preparing for an interview.
We provide you tips on how to appropriately dress up
for the big day.

What to say

Our workshop helps you to understand how to communicate with the various interviewer panels.


Our workshop prepares you for not only giving the right answers but also to project poise and confidence while you do so.

Asking the right questions

We help you understand how and when you to ask comprehensive questions about your role to project yourself as an asset to the team.