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We offer Business Scenario based Software testing (QA) workshops that help you understand and exercise the role of a Software Tester (QA) in a software company.

Our workshops are project specific and designed to understand the implementation of QA knowledge (ISTQB/Agile testing).

Our approach of training is project specific, which helps you to understand the implementation of QA knowledge (ISTQB/Agile testing).


We organize group-based (1-4 people) workshops designed to help each student get involved and experience what it’s like to work as part of a team. In our QA workshops, you get to work with our professional QA leads and develop up to 4-8 client deliverables that are a part of real life live projects.

Workshop Outline

Our courses are categorized into 20hr and 40hr workshops, designed to provide students with a solid understanding of a day to day life working in a part-time or full-time QA environment. Our program outlines can be viewed below.

Become a part of the ITWorks Crowd

Upon successful completion of your workshop and a comprehensive evaluation of your performance by our QA lead, you are entitled to become a part of our ITWorks Crowd. The ITWorks Crowd is an opportunity to join our team and earn up to $30-$40 per hour as you work alongside our experts and gain valuable IT experience for future job references.

QA Consulting

Our QA consultants will guide
you throughout the software development cycle.


Become a part of the ITWorks Crowd Testing team and earn as you work alongside our experts.


Our experienced experts can help you crack tough interviews tactfully.


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